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21-Day Detox Groups
Food for Thought: Strategies for Incorporating Healthy Food Into Your Child’s Diet !
FirstLine Therapy –
a clinically proven weight management and therapeutic lifestyle program!
H1N1 Vaccine For Everyone
Kirkman Supplement Recall
Welcome Kenzi!

January 2010 Newsletter

21-Day Detox Groups - Cleanse your body and mind!

Monday nights 7pm - 8:30pm
First group starts January 25
Second group starts April 12

Almost everyone can benefit from a detoxification program, and our past participants have included people preparing for conception, trying to beat weight loss resistance, dealing with digestive complaints, fatigued and just not "feeling great", wanting to eat healthier, dealing with skin problems and those just wanting to give their bodies a well-deserved break!

Read more about our Detoxification Programs in the Services section of our website.

Food for Thought:
Strategies for incorporating healthy food into your child’s diet

Find out which foods will nourish your child brain and encourage better behavior and learning outcomes. During this class, we will discuss practical eating strategies that not only encourage optimal brain function but taste great and are easy to incorporate into your child's lifestyle. Receipes included!

Presented by our nutritionist Kandice Stellmon.

Class size limited to 25. Be sure to reserve your space soon!
To register, please call 650-595-KIDS (5437) or email

Date: Saturday, Febuary 6th
Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Cost: $40
Location: Whole Child Wellness
1601 El Camino Real, Suite 101
Belmont, CA 94002

FirstLine Therapy - a clinically proven weight management and therapeutic lifestyle program

FirstLine Therapy (FLT) is a specialized therapeutic lifestyle program that incorporates a sensible and doable eating plan, exercise, appropriate nutritional supplementation, and stress management in helping you to reach your personal health goals. Kandice Stellmon offers individual and group 12-week FirstLine Therapy programs that combine nutrition, fitness and fun into a comprehensive weight and health management program.

Who would benefit from FirstLine Therapy?

Anyone who would like less body fat and more lean muscle, more energy, better sleep, improved mood, and renewed vigor and vitality! FLT can help you, your child, or your entire family achieve optimal health, and help address many health concerns, including:
• Overweight/underweight/body composition issues
• Optimal sports and physical performance
• GI disorders (IBS, IBD)
• Food allergies/sensitivities
• Hormonal issues
• High blood pressure, high cholesterol
• Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, hypoglycemia
• Fatigue, sleep disorders, mood problems
• Joint pain, arthritis
• Poor memory, brain fog
• And many others

The FLT 12-week program includes:
• 8 visits with our nutritionist
• Initial and follow-up Body Composition testing (BIA testing)
• Nutritional and lifestyle counseling
• Program guidebook
• Solutions for staying active
• Simple and achievable eating guidelines including recipes
• Progress tracking
• Nutritional supplementation recommendations

Have more questions about FLT?
Call our reception at 650-595-5437 and ask to talk to Kandice!

H1N1 Vaccine For Everyone

The health department has finally delivered enough H1N1 vaccine that we are now able to offer it to all our patients and their families. Please call our reception at 650-595-5437 to schedule an appointment if you are interested in receiving the H1N1 vaccine.

Kirkman Supplement Recall

Some Kirkman products have been recalled as a result of high levels of antimony.
None of these products were sold at Whole Child Wellness.
Below is the full explaination from Kirkman about the recall and exactly which products were recalled.

Welcome Kenzi!

Kenzi Song Johnson, daughter of Dr. Song and Peter, was born December 17, 2009 at 7:07am. She was 2 weeks early but still weighed in at 8 pounds 0 ounces.
Everyone is eating, sleeping and doing great!


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