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Workshop for Parents and Caregivers of Children with ADD/ADHD
Rice Drinks and Arsenic
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June 2009 Newsletter

Workshop for Parents and Caregivers of Children with ADD/ADHD
Learn effective ways to reduce family stress, become a collaborative parenting team, and improve your child’s behavior with kindness and clarity!

Learn strategies for parenting the child with ADD/ADHD:
  • Week 1: How to use positive feedback more effectively
  • Week 2: How to discipline with less emotional energy
  • Week 3: How to use a credit system
  • Week 4: Questions and answers (co-facilitated by Dr. Sandy Newmark)
Workshop format:
Each week will begin with a presentation of one effective behavioral parenting skill to help your child. Suggestions for how to apply this at home will follow, with time allowed for discussion, asking questions, and providing the opportunity to share specific concerns or challenges. At the end of each meeting, parents will receive a handout covering the material and a simple homework assignment to help them use this skill at home. The following week, they can report on how it worked with their child and problem solve if needed. For interested parents, participants can develop a network of support for each other to continue outside the group or after the workshop series ends. This 4 week series will provide a solid introduction to Howard Glasser’s Nurtured Heart approach for parenting children with ADD/ADHD.

About the Presenter - Linda Newmark, PhD:
Dr. Linda Newmark has been in private practice as a psychologist in Arizona for many years. Her practice focused on adults, couples and parents of children with special needs or challenges. She supports the whole family in challenging situations—helping parents meet the needs of their children while maintaining closeness in their own personal relationship. Linda is an Arizona licensed psychologist #515, certified as a Professional Life Coach, and currently applying for California licensure as a psychologist. Her professional training includes: BA from Sarah Lawrence College, PhD and MA in Psychology from the University of Arizona, Arizona Licensed Psychologist License #515, and Certified Professional Life Coach through CII.

When: Tuesday evenings, 7pm - 8:30pm
June 30, July 7, July 14, July 21
Cost: 4 weeks: $150 person or $220 per couple, limited to 16 people
Payable in advance and in full, by check or cash, to Dr. Linda Newmark
Location: Whole Child Wellness
1601 El Camino Real, Suite 101
Belmont, CA 94002
To Register: Please send name, address, phone number, and check to:
Dr. Linda Newmark, 932 Pilarcitos Ave., Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Questions: Phone Dr. Linda Newmark at 520-300-0086

Rice Drinks and Arsenic
Rice and rice products have been known to contain higher levels of inorganic arsenic than found in other foods. Inorganic arsenic is considered more harmful than organic arsenic. In May 2009, the UK Food Standards Agency released a report that found organic and inorganic arsenic in all 60 samples of rice drinks that were tested. Many of the rice drinks had levels that exceed the US Environmental Protection Agencies standard for maximum arsenic contaminant level in drinking water, which is currently set at 10 parts per billion. This study was performed in England by the UK Food Standards Agency, and found that the average concentration in rice drinks of total arsenic was 23 parts per billion, and inorganic arsenic was 12 parts per billion. Rice Dream, Promavel, Lima, and Balance Foods were among the products that were sampled. You can read the entire bulletin at,
and a more complete report at

We wanted to share this information with all of our families and friends. These levels of arsenic may raise concerns for infants and children, especially those who are using rice milk as their major milk substitute. A child drinking just 8 ounces of rice milk per day would double their exposure to inorganic arsenic, compared to that obtained in a normal diet.

At Whole Child Wellness, we are now recommending that rice milk not be used as a major part of any child’s diet. We feel that a rotation of various milks is the healthiest option. Good alternatives to cow’s milk, depending on individual tolerance, may include goat milk, almond milk, hemp milk, and nut and seed milks. We are happy to work with you and your family if you have questions regarding your child’s diet, and to ensure that your children are getting the appropriate nutrition they require for optimal health and development. Please feel free to make an appointment if you would like to discuss this in more depth. We will stay on top of this topic and let you know if and when other information becomes available.

Dr. Newmark Lecture Update

Dr. Newmark continues to lecture extensively on autism, ADHD, and holistic pediatrics. We at Whole Child Wellness are thrilled to have his expertise and wanted to share with you some of his most recent teaching events.

In early May, he was invited by the Department of Education in Hawaii to give 3 lectures on autism; one to doctors, one to parents and one to teachers. It was very interesting to see how new the information was; there are only a few practitioners on the island who have been trained in the Defeat Autism Now! biomedical approach to autism, and many of the parents and teachers had never been exposed to this approach. Of course, we’re sure that it wasn't too painful for Dr. Newmark to have to go to Hawaii to do these lectures. The lava flows were reportedly amazing!

In mid June, Dr. Newmark went to Sedona for the "Pediatrics in the Red Rocks" conference, which is an annual pediatric conference for MD's from Arizona and the rest of the country. Dr. Newmark again gave 3 lectures; 1 on autism, 1 on ADHD, and one on complementary and alternative pediatrics in general. It was great to see the high level of interest that these conventional doctors had for an integrative and holistic approach, many expressing interest in learning more and incorporating this information into their practices.

On June 30th, Dr. Newmark will also be educating the developmental and behavioral pediatricians and residents at Stanford about the biomedical treatment of autism.

All of us at Whole Child Wellness look forward to the day when there is no “conventional” or “alternative” medicine - just medicine that treats patients in the most natural and effective ways possible. In the meantime, we thank Dr. Newmark for continuing his efforts in educating practitioners and parents alike on the possibilities that integrative pediatrics has to offer.

Dr. Newmark is available for well-child visits and for consultations for a variety of health concerns, including ADHD, autism, and chronic pain. More information is available on our webpage at


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