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June 2010 Newsletter

We've been nominated to be on Best of the Bay!

We are excited that Whole Child Wellness has been nominated to be on Best of the Bay!

Best of the Bay is a television news magazine that profiles local bay area businesses and airs on KRON local channel 4 (Comcast 704 HD).

Upcoming dates when our segment will be aired are:
Sunday, June 20 at 5:30pm
Wednesday, June 23 at 1:30pm
Monday, July 19 at 1:30pm
Monday, July 26th at 1:30pm
Saturday, July 31st at 5:30pm

Additional video segments are also available on the Whole Child Wellness page of the Best of the Bay TV website where you can VOTE FOR US! These votes are used by Best of the Bay TV to present a special award each year to only one entity in each category recognizing it as the best in the entire Bay Area

Signing Workshop and Rise & Sign Playgroups

Signing Introductory Workshop

Rise & Sign Academy makes learning a family affair with its fun-filled sign language playgroups. Using kid-friendly music, video clips, games and story-telling, infants, toddlers and their caregivers will learn basic American Sign Language vocabulary through play and hands-on activities.

Join us here at Whole Child Wellness for an Introductory Workshop, which will teach you everything you need to get started signing with your baby. You’ll learn more than 15 commonly used signs, engage with other families and participate in fun educational activities. You’ll also be entered into a drawing for a Signing Time product. This 1.5 hour workshop will provide you with learning materials, a gift certificate to use toward the upcoming Rise & Sign Playgroup series and most importantly, you’ll have the tools you need to start communicating with your child, whether he ’s brand new or in the throes of toddlerhood.

To register, or if you have any questions, please contact:
Erika Vetter at 650.465.5825 or

Date: Saturday, June 26th
Time: 3:30pm – 5:00pm
Cost: $20/family (Ages: 0-36 mos)
Location: Whole Child Wellness
1601 El Camino Real, Suite 101
Belmont, CA 94002

Rise & Sign Playgroups

Ready to continue signing with your baby in a playfuland supportive environment?
Join our weekly 1-hour playgroup!

This 8-session series includes signs for everyday events in your child’s life, such as mealtime, playtime and bedtime themes. Together with other families, you’ll learn to use your hands to give your baby a voice, long before she’s able to communicate clearly. This will reduce frustration and tantrums and increase the bond between you and your child. Come play with us!

View the Rise & Sign Playgroup flier.

To register, or if you have any questions, please contact:
Erika Vetter at 650.465.5825 or

Dates: Wednesdays, July 7-August 25
Time: 3:30pm – 4:30pm
Cost: $210/family including the following materials:
2 Baby Signing Time DVDs, CDs, and flash card sets
Location: Whole Child Wellness
1601 El Camino Real, Suite 101
Belmont, CA 94002

What is acupuncture, how does it work, and can you really do it with children?
by Dr. Donna Ruiz

Acupuncture, along with Chinese herbs, is perhaps one of the oldest of the Healing Arts of Oriental Medicine and has been practiced for over 4,000 years. In traditional Chinese medicine, our physical body and all of its internal organs are regulated by a life force, called Qi (pronounced chee). Qi circulates throughout the body along major channels, similar to the way blood runs through the vessels in our bodies. Hundreds of points have been identified along these pathways that, when stimulated by needles, affect our bodily processes. When Qi flows abundantly, one can experience optimum health; however, when there are blockages to the flow of energy, pain and “dis-ease” occur. Acupuncture restores the body’s natural circulation of Qi, by unblocking and rebalancing the natural flow of energy throughout the body.

In pediatrics, acupuncture can be used to treat most acute conditions (i.e. fever, upper respiratory infections, ear infections, acute wheezing, allergies, headaches, gastroenteritis), as well as a variety of chronic conditions (i.e. infant colic/reflux, weakened immune system, chronic urticaria, eczema, constipation, asthma, failure to thrive).

Even the squirmiest child can have a quick, successful acupuncture treatment! Needles are inserted into acupuncture points and then quickly removed for children, and not left in the body for several minutes as they are for adults. The most commonly employed acupuncture technique involves the insertion of very thin, sterile, metallic needles into the body at specific points to restore the flow of vital energy.

Besides using needles in Chinese acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, and pestle needle therapy are commonly employed to restore Qi. Other options include laser acupuncture, Japanese Sho-ni-shin (“needleless acupuncture”), and Tui Na (Chinese infant massage). My tools include acupuncture needles, moxa sticks, glass cups for fire cupping, pestle needle, and a Sho-ni-shin kit.

I will be conducting a lecture/demonstration on pediatric acupuncture at Whole Child Wellness in the early fall. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me to see how pediatric acupuncture can help your child. Hope everyone has a happy and healthy summer!

Donna Ruiz, MD joined Whole Child Wellness in March 2010 shortly after relocating to the West Coast. In addition to having over thirteen years of clinical experience in conventional pediatrics, she is also trained in functional medicine, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, and medical aromatherapy. She completed her acupuncture education through the American College of Acupuncture in New York City with additional clinical training at Chengdu University Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China.


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