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October 2013 Newsletter

Whole Child Wellness Is Now Whole Family Wellness!
As our services have expanded over the years to include not just children, but adults as well, it became clear that we needed a more inclusive name. While our name and logo have changed, our location and dedication to providing the best holistic care available to children and adults has not. Check out our new website at www.wholefamilywellness.org for more information!

Our team now includes:
  • Dr. Christina Peretz, Integrative Family Medicine Doctor
    Our newest team member will be available for appointments starting October 15th offering holistic, integrative medical services to children, adults, and geriatric patients. Read more about her later in this newsletter!
  • Dr. Suruchi Chandra, Integrative Psychiatrist
    Available to see children and adults with chronic and complex neurological and psychiatric conditions.
  • Kandice Stellmon, Certified Nutrition Consultant
    Offering fantastic nutrition consultation services for children and adults, along with detoxification groups and nutrition classes.
  • Dr. Callum Eastwood, Clinical Psychologist
    Partners with Whole Family Wellness to provide psychotherapy and psycho-educational services for children, adults, and care providers.
  • Dr. Donna Ruiz, Integrative Pediatrician
    Available to see children for well care and consultations for chronic and complex pediatric medical conditions.
  • Dr. Elisa Song, Integrative Pediatrician
    Founder of Whole Family Wellness (formerly Whole Child Wellness).  Sees children for well care and consultations for chronic and complex pediatric medical conditions.  Her practice is currently closed to new patients.
We are now able to offer holistic, integrative medical services to children, adults, and geriatric patients alike.
We hope you are as excited about this as we are!
Welcome Dr. Christina Peretz!

We receive a lot of calls asking if we know of any holistic doctors for adults that practice in the same way as our pediatricians.
Finally we can recommend someone great!

We are thrilled to have Dr. Christina Peretz, integrative family medicine doctor, join our team!

Christina Peretz, MD is board certified in Family Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine and joined Whole Family Wellness in 2013. She completed her medical school training at Columbia University’s affiliate program in Israel, The Medical School for International Health. She then joined one of the nation’s top family medicine residency programs at Oregon Health & Science University. She went on to complete Dr. Weil’s Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona. In addition, she has training in Functional Medicine and Clinical Homeopathy. Prior to medical school she attained a Masters degree in Nutrition Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Dr. Peretz came to medicine through her own personal medical experience. When she was a young child, she developed severe systemic psoriasis. Her effort to address her chronic health problem led her to explore both conventional and alternative health treatments and with this she developed an appreciation for an integration of medical modalities. She learned first hand the power of nutrition, dietary supplementation, and the mind-body connection as well as the power of biomedical medicine with its roots in rigorous scientific study.

Dr. Peretz recognizes that each patient is unique and believes in the philosophy of treating the patient rather than the disease. She also strongly believes that a successful path to wellness stems from the patients own empowerment. Dr. Peretz approaches each visit as a collaborative effort toward understanding your needs and working together to develop your health goals and treatment plan.

Dr. Peretz enjoys all aspects of integrative care for children, adults and geriatric patients. Her particular interests include chronic disease management including but not limited to autoimmune conditions, metabolic disorders including diabetes, gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular disease, and overall health and wellness. Nutrition has been her passion since a young age and Dr. Peretz works with patients to establish healthy eating patterns as one of the first steps toward establishing or maintaining wellness in kids, adults, and families!

Dr. Peretz grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and after extensive travel, both domestic and abroad, she is very happy to be settled in back home! She is married to Yoni, an electrical engineer, and they share two beautiful daughters.

Dr. Peretz is available starting October 15 to see children, adults, and geriatric patients for well care and consultations for chronic medical conditions.

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