Detoxification Programs

Every day our kidneys and liver work hard to remove toxins from our bodies. Even when we try to live a clean and healthy lifestyle, we are constantly facing toxins which our body must break down and remove in order for us to function. These toxins come from many sources: pollution in the air we breathe and the water we drink, chemicals on and in the foods we eat, common cleaning supplies, and even medications we take. Toxins are also created inside of us whenever our digestion is impaired! Our gut can actually produce toxic by-products which often lead to unpleasant conditions, such as bloating and other digestive problems.

We have five "exit doors" for the toxins that our liver and kidneys break down, and those are our skin, hair, stool, urine and breath. When toxins accumulate in our body, it is not uncommon for symptoms to appear such as itchy skin, foul breath, constipation, fatigue, joint pain, brain fog and headaches, and many others. In our detoxification programs, we focus on opening these "exit doors" by including high fiber foods to help with stool elimination, drinking lots of filtered water and fresh juices to encourage better elimination via the kidneys, eating foods that are easy to digest in order to give the gut a break, and suggesting fun activities such as visits to the sauna to get you sweating and eliminating better via your skin! By the end of your detoxification program you should be feeling much better as you’ve worked hard to support your body’s detoxification system with nourishing foods, focused nutritional supplements and easy lifestyle changes.

Several times a year, we offer detox groups that are a fun and positive way to better health and new habits with the support and camaraderie of a group. We spend seven days cleaning out our diets and then spend 21 days on a gentle and easy detoxification program that anyone can do, even first-timers. During other times of the year, individual detox programs are available that can be customized to specific needs. Almost everyone can benefit from a detoxification program, and our past participants have included those preparing for conception, trying to beat weight loss resistance, dealing with digestive complaints, fatigued and just "not feeling great", wanting to eat healthier, dealing with skin problems and those just wanting to give to give their bodies a well-deserved break!

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