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Dr. Elisa Song

Elisa Song, MD founded Whole Child Wellness in 2005 (which became Whole Family Wellness in 2013) with a mission to create a nurturing environment that integrates allopathic and natural medicine customized to each unique child, in order to help children thrive to their fullest potentials. Dr. Song has a special interest in providing integrative care for children with complex medical issues, including autism, ADHD, asthma, autoimmune illness, eczema, failure to thrive, food allergies/sensitivities, reflux, inflammatory bowel disease and other gastrointestinal disorders, seizures and other neurological disorders, and environmental illness.

Dr. Song graduated with distinction in political science from Stanford University, attended NYU School of Medicine and trained in Pediatrics at UCSF Medical Center. She earned a master’s degree in public policy from UC Berkeley. Dr. Song has additional training in functional medicine/holistic nutrition, homeopathy & homeopathic detoxification, acupuncture, herbal medicine, and flower essences. She is board-certified in pediatrics and holistic medicine, and is a fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics. Dr. Song has been trained in the Defeat Autism Now! biomedical approach to autism. Additionally, Dr. Song provides training in integrative pediatric care to pediatric healthcare professionals through the Holistic Pediatric Association, and teaches clinical homeopathy to physicians for the CEDH (Center for Education and Development of Clinical Homeopathy). She also teaches pediatric acupuncture for the Academy of Pain Research, and lectures on pediatric functional medicine for the Institute for Functional Medicine.

Dr. Song lives on the San Francisco Peninsula with her husband Peter Johnson, who is the office manager for Whole Family Wellness, and their children Kenzi and Bodi. When Dr. Song is not caring for families at Whole Family Wellness, she enjoys yoga, running, scuba diving, wine tasting, cooking, and traveling to exotic places.

Peter Johnson, Office Manager

Peter is our office manager and all-around go-to guy. Before joining Whole Family Wellness to help his wife, Dr. Song, build the practice, he worked at Oracle for over 11 years doing database and application consulting. He now runs Whole Family Wellness smoothly and efficiently, with a smile on his face. Peter is an avid ice hockey player, with his time on the ice only limited by his wife, daughter Kenzi, and son Bodi! When he’s not at the office or on the ice, he enjoys traveling, wine tasting, and scuba diving.

Claudia and Adrina, Receptionists

We have a fantastic team of receptionists who keep the office running smoothly, all with humor, patience, and efficiency!